Residential Group Auction

Discount Off Regulated Tariff 

12 Month

 Open 3 pax group
Guaranteed Minimum Offer


3 more people needed for auction to begin
Auction No. 181200016

Fixed Plan 

12 Month

 Open 2 pax group
Guaranteed Minimum Offer


Fixed Rate $/kWh (incl. GST)


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2 more people needed for auction to begin
Auction No. 181200015

Partners and Features


Energy Market Authority (EMA) Licensed Retailers

Best Electricity Supply Pte Ltd Best Electricity, founded in 2015, offers competitive electricity price plans to help businesses and residential consumers lower electricity costs. Today, the company powers thousands of business premises in Singapore.
ES Power ES Power is Singapore’s first electricity retailer providing 100% Carbon Neutral electricity to consumers with greater control over their energy consumption, enhanced savings, and the ability to reduce their carbon footprint, at no additional cost.
PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd PacificLight is a power generator and electricity retailer committed to helping customers effectively manage their energy needs. The company’s power plant is one of the most efficient and advanced in Singapore, delivering reliable and sustainable electricity.