About the Licensed Retailers 

Best Electricity Supply Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201502907C Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1,000,000 Incorporation Date: 29 January 2015

Best Electricity was founded in 2015 to offer competitive electricity price plans to help businesses and residential consumers lower electricity costs. Today, it powers thousands of business premises in Singapore - from small establishments to large scale commercial buildings - and service a diverse client portfolio including town councils, bank and businesses in F&B, retail, logistics, manufacturing, wholesale, finance, and more. Best Electricity prides itself as an innovative and dynamic energy company that delivers great value to all electricity consumers in Singapore. The team is dedicated to providing best in class solutions at competitive prices to home and business owners. (Source: Best Electricity Supply Website)

Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201116636N Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1,000,000 Incorporation Date: 12 July 2011

Diamond Electric is retailing electricity under Diamond Energy Merchants Pte Ltd retail licence issued by the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Diamond Electric is an established smart energy solutions provider in Singapore since 2006. We use our expertise in technology to make electricity affordable and accessible to all Singaporean homes and businesses. We have worked tirelessly to offer affordable electricity without compromise — the same great service at an incredible rate. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to provide the utmost value through our electricity plans and services. (Source: Diamond Electric Website)

Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 199902448E Paid-Up Capital: SGD 2,000,000 Incorporation Date: 08 May 1999

Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1999. A company based on a strong belief in sustainability. From 2016 until today, ES Power, the energy brand of Environmental Solutions (Asia), has provided 100% Carbon Neural Electricity to more than 700 businesses, helping companies small to large save money, with the same seamless delivery of electricity one would expect, while helping to save the environment purpose, we even go to the extent of helping companies celebrate Carbon Neutral events and providing a platform for social enterprises to worry less about their electricity bill and focus on doing good. (Source: ES Power Website)

Greencity Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201731014R Paid-Up Capital: SGD 500,000 Incorporation Date: 30 October 2017

GreenCity provides alternative electricity options to Households and Businesses. Their mission is to bring lifestyle and energy together, to create a wonderful experience for our customers and users. Greencity's vision is to be the preferred partner and provider of energy needs. (Source: Greencity Energy Website)

Hyflux Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201107186D Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1 Incorporation Date: 25 March 2011

Established in 2011, Hyflux Energy is the electricity retail extension of Hyflux Ltd, a leading global fully-integrated provider of water and power management and innovative environmental solutions. With our suite of innovative electricity solutions and dedication to the best customer care, Hyflux Energy strives to take electricity retail beyond procurement. As your reliable partner and Singapore’s choice electricity retailer, we understand that your business is important. That is why we customise cost-effective and innovative electricity plans that help optimise the way you operate, accompanied by a team of experts committed to ensuring your energy needs are seamlessly cared for – every step of the way. With us, you’ll have more time to focus on your business and what matters most.(Source: Hyflux Energy Website)

I Switch Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201512738Z Paid-Up Capital: SGD 100,000 | USD 2 Incorporation Date: 12 May 2015

iSwitch is an electricity retailer licensed by the Energy Market Authority (“EMA”) to serve the market. Our goal is to empower consumer choice - to give you more options to better manage your energy costs. With you in mind, we have developed a suite of Price Plans. Each iSwitch plan offers a different level of flexibility but all are designed to help you achieve cost savings while enjoying the same, reliable electricity supply from Singapore’s national power grid (known as SP Power Grid). This is made possible by the deep industry experience of our team and the strong support of the RCMA Group, of which we are a member. (Source: iSwitch Website)

Just Electric Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201622921C Paid-Up Capital: SGD 686,800 Incorporation Date: 22 August 2016

In Just Electric, we are “Consumer first”. Our years of experience in retail and understanding of the energy space drive us to provide fuss-free electricity with timely service at a competitive price. We also believe in keeping customers happy with continuous engagement, and learning from them to develop new energy products and tools that will complement their businesses & lifestyles.Through these, we aim to bring the voice of consumers to the electricity market. (Source: Just Electric Website)

Keppel Electric Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 199704013Z Paid-Up Capital: SGD 3 Incorporation Date: 12 June 1997

As Singapore's first home grown electricity retailer, Keppel Electric has more than 17 years of experience in powering Singapore's electricity grid. We have served over 30,000 satisfied clients including multinational companies, small and medium sized enterprises, government bodies and residential consumers. With the launch of the Open Electricity Market in April 2018, we want to extend the same reliable experience to you. We are committed in delivering competitive electricity plans that best meet your everyday needs. Bringing you greater value, flexibility, convenience and reliability. (Source: Keppel Electric Website)

Ohm Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201501015E Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1,000,000 Incorporation Date: 09 January 2015

At Ohm Energy, we believe that having electricity shouldn’t be complicated. And it definitely shouldn’t be expensive. That’s why we’ve made things easy and low-cost for you. You see, with us, you take charge of your electricity needs. Using our simple online tools, you can better manage your energy supply and, ultimately, save on your power bill. We’ve also teamed up with SP Group so that they can continue bringing you the same great power, service, billing process and utility bill. In other words, when you sign up with us, you’ll be getting the same great power and service you’ve come to love, at a fair price, without the complications. As a signatory of Climate Neutral Now an initiative by UN, we conducted carbon footprint assessment and purchased offset for our office operations. We estimate our carbon footprint at 15 tons annually and have purchased 1000 tons of offsets to cover the entirety of any possible carbon foot until the end of 2020 (Source: Ohm Energy Website)

PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 200211051N Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1,000,000 Incorporation Date: 24 December 2002

PacificLight is an electricity power generator and retailer committed to helping our customers effectively and simply manage their energy needs. Our power plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is capable of powering over 1,000,000 Singapore households. We deliver reliable and sustainable electricity that meets stringent environmental emission standards. Fuelled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), our power plant is one of the most efficient and modern power plants in Singapore. PacificLight is owned by two large and established regional companies, FPM Power Holdings (Singapore) Ltd and PETRONAS Power Corporation (Mauritius) Ltd. The combined expertise of these shareholders underpins our company’s established foundation and contributes to our competitive edge in power generation and electricity retailing (Source: PacificLight Energy Website)

Silvercloud Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201702985H Paid-Up Capital: SGD 100,000 Incorporation Date: 02 February 2017

Defining ourselves as an Internet of Energy service provider, SilverCloud Energy has obtained the Retailer License from Energy Market Authority of Singapore (EMA). We specifically retail electricity to commercial and industrial customers in Singapore. We study the electricity consumption and load profile of the consumer and work out the most suitable electricity tariff package for the end consumer. We also conduct feasibility studies and work out the best solar solution for consumers, allowing them to maximise the use of their roof space to generate clean energy fo power the premise. (SilverCloud Energy Website)

Senoko Energy Supply Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 200009950Z Paid-Up Capital: SGD 2 Incorporation Date: 24 November 2000

Senoko Energy Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's largest and most efficient power generation company licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), providing more than a quarter of Singapore's electricity. Since 1977, Senoko Energy has been serving Singapore's power generation needs, and have established a strong reputation as a reliable and dependable market leader. Senoko Energy is owned by an international consortium comprising Marubeni Corporation, ENGIE S.A., The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. and Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Senoko Energy has three subsidiaries: Senoko Energy Supply (SES) Pte Ltd, a leading electricity retailer and related energy services; Senoko Services Pte Ltd (SSPL), a provider of fuel storage tank leasing and terminal services; and Senoko Gas Supply Pte Ltd, a gas operations company. As a trusted and reliable energy provider with the biggest installed capacity in Singapore, we will help you find the right solution for your business and home electricity needs. (Source: Senoko Energy Website)

Sembcorp Power Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 199707557R Paid-Up Capital: SGD 500,000 Incorporation Date: 05 November 1997

Over the last 15 years, we have powered businesses both large and small in Singapore. With our strong track record, companies choose us because we are an established brand name they can trust. The beginning of our utilities business dates back to 1995, when we made our first utilities investment in Singapore. Since then, we have been a key pillar to the success of Jurong Island as one of the world's leading energy and chemical industrial hubs, and we contributed to Singapore's journey towards water sustainability. Today, with facilities across five continents, we are vital partners offering energy and water solutions to businesses, governments and communities. (Source: Sembcorp Power Website)

Seraya Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 200103194D Paid-Up Capital: SGD 10,000,002 Incorporation Date: 16 May 2001

Geneco is Seraya Energy's retail energy brand, belonging to a global network of energy and utility companies known as YTL Power International - which is a subsidiary of the YTL Group. Geneco's parent company YTL PowerSeraya is also one of Singapore's first and largest electricity generators, with a licensed generating capacity of 3,100 MW. In Singapore, we were previously retailing electricity under Seraya Energy, which was established in 2001. Through the years, Seraya Energy earned a reputation for its cost-effective and value-added energy plans for both commercial and industrial customers. We also received numerous awards for outstanding customer service. In 2018, with the liberalisation of the Singapore electricity market, YTL PowerSeraya re-established its retail brand in Singapore as Geneco. Besides Seraya Energy's commercial and industrial customers, we now also cater to households and small and medium enterprises. This unification of the retail brand in Singapore allows us to provide customers with a seamless and more efficient service experience. (Source: Geneco Website)

Sun Electric Power Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201325177M Paid-Up Capital: SGD 45605.994 Incorporation Date: 17 Sept 20134

Sun Electric is a solar power developer focusing on urban solar solutions. As Singapore’s first ever licensed Solar energy retailer, electricity consumers can now buy clean solar energy from Sun Electric at competitive rates. Sun Electric matches consumers who want solar energy despite facing space constraints with rooftop owners. So now, anyone can access solar energy that is locally produced. The city also becomes much cleaner. Sun Electric® is an award winning solar power developer providing smart solutions for cities(Source: Sun Electric Power Website)

Sunseap Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201438174K Paid-Up Capital: SGD 5,000,000 Incorporation Date: 26 December 2014

Sunseap Group is the largest clean energy solutions provider in Singapore, with a portfolio of projects that range from rooftop installations to floating photovoltaic (PV) systems. The group holds 3 entities, Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International and Sunseap Energy. The first of the group’s 3 entities, Sunseap Leasing was incorporated in 2011 to provide rooftop solar solutions to the masses. 2015 saw the inception of Sunseap Energy, the last addition to Sunseap Group. Sunseap Energy Pte Ltd made waves when it announced in November’15 that will providing tech giant - Apple’s operations in Singapore with 100% clean electricity, a first in South East Asia. A pioneer in the movement to proliferate solar energy, Sunseap is responsible for the majority of the grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems in Singapore. An industry veteran with a portfolio of esteemed clients, Sunseap continues to deliver bankable clean energy solutions that allow its clients to utilise affordable and clean energy. (Source: Sunseap Energy Website)

UGS Energy Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201725454M Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1,000,000 Incorporation Date: 07 September 2017

Since our inception in 1993, UGS has been involved in the dealership of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Working in synergy with our customers for mutually beneficial growth, we have and are still achieving zero-downtime, upholding our promise of on-time delivery and uninterrupted business flow for our customers. We envision broadening our influence into providing a holistic pipeline of efficient and innovative energy solutions for our customers. Today, we are an energy solution partner providing installation, consultation, equipment and gas to a wide spectrum of clients in the F&B industry. (Source: UGS Energy Website)

Union Power Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 201615847H Paid-Up Capital: SGD 1,000,000 Incorporation Date: 10 June 2016

Union Power Pte Ltd is an Electricity Retailer, licensed by Energy Market Authority (EMA) and a member of Union Energy Group (UEG). We believe in achieving sustainable success as a Group by prioritising the long-term interests of our People(our partners, our employees, and our customers). We aim to be the electricity retailer that understands your needs, and we committed to help businesses manage energy costs in a hassle-free and cost effective manner. At Union Power, we recognise that there is more than just providing pricing options; it is also about providing a great experience. We apply our capabilities across our operations to deliver excellence in ways that set us apart from other retailers. (Source: Union Power Website)

Tuas Power Supply Pte Ltd

Registration Number: 200004985K Paid-Up Capital: SGD 500,000 Incorporation Date: 08 June 2000

Tuas Power Supply is the electricity retail arm of Tuas Power Generation. Incorporated in June 2000, Tuas Power Supply is a leading player in the liberalized Singapore electricity market. We serve customers from a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from retailers to manufacturers. Supported by our parent company, Tuas Power Generation Pte Ltd, a major power generation company (GenCo), Tuas Power Supply (TPS) offers competitive and flexible electricity packages customised to meet unique business needs. Being the first retailer to secure electricity contracts as the market liberalized, we continue to be an innovative electricity solutions provider by being the first to launch an energy efficiency program for its customers. Meeting customers demand, Tuas Power Supply is proud to be the first retailer to enter each market segment and is the forerunner in the complex and highly sophisticated landlord-tenant segment (Source: Tuas Power Supply Website)